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I love my music – I’m more likely to listen to my iPod or the radio than watch TV. Some people have numerous televisions in the house – I only have one TV set but have four radios and various iPod speakers scattered around the house! Oh and of course, I have the radio (and iPod connection) in my car!
If I’m out and about, I’m hardly ever without my iPod and I love to go to concerts/gigs and festivals (although I’ve been trying to cut down to save money these days!).

I have an eclectic taste in music but am predominantly into rock and pop. During my partying days, I was really into clubbing and dance music – those days are well over but I still like a good dance tune!  I think I’m in a great generation where I can enjoy music going back to the 60s (my parents’ day) right through to today’s chart music (some of it anyway haha!). I can see why the girls back in the day went crazy over the likes of Elvis and the Beatles – that was all they had!

Anyway, I came across an interesting potential online money earner via Latest Free Stuff, where you can get paid to review music! Worth looking at!

Gimme Some Pie!

The website is SliceThePie*  and you can earn between $0.10 – $0.20 (or more) per track that you listen to and for which you write a detailed review.  

Payouts (by PayPal) are made after you’ve earned $10 in total, which may sound like hard work but you get to listen to the music in your own time, you only have to listen to 90 seconds and it’s different from the online surveys that I’ve been doing to earn a few quid so it makes a nice change!

Anyway, I’m at $5 so far, so halfway to getting a payout!


But do you know what the annoying thing about this is?

Most of  the artists are anonymous –  I’ve heard some really good tracks and would love to know who sang them so I can listen to them again!

Ah well, perhaps I could end up hearing them on the radio at some point in the future!

EDIT – 3rd October – I have received my first payment of £6.05 ($10) – took only a few days, easy money!

[*Referral link]

6 thoughts on “Music Scout!

  1. Hi BM, I used to have it on my phone but the version I had for my Blackberry wasn't great. Perhaps I'll give it another go, in case the latest version is better. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for sharing this music review site. The idea sounds pretty cool… get paid to review music. What's not to like 🙂 It seems there are so many ways to make money online with all these sides gigs that can be done.

  3. No probs, DivHut. Yes, there's lots about, just need to find the ones that are suitable and that you have time for. I've just managed to clock up the $10, just awaiting payment now!

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