O.O.O plus another PB win

Out Of Office

Blogging’s going on hold for a bit as I’m off on hols to Hong Kong (for around three weeks). My holidays are all budgeted for, although this particular one is going to blow my budget… we’ll see anyway!

I’m really looking forward to the break as I’ve not had a single day off since I returned to work in May and as we all know, weekends just aren’t enough so my brain is a little fried!

As usual, I’m stressing a little (I always do before I go away) but once I’m on that plane, I’ll be fine! Can’t wait to catch up with the family and also to soak up some rays and warm weather, hopefully get rid of some of these winter blues!

November’s savings and numbers update will likely not appear until the second week of December, assuming I get myself semi-organised upon my return!

I’ll catch up on my reading and comments when I get back.

Another Win

Anyway, I’ll end this brief update with the news that I got another Premium Bond win – yay! Just a £25 prize but better than nowt!

My Premium Bonds represent the small (10%) cash element of my portfolio, not likely to earn much in the long run (although I live in hope!) but safe and stable (strong and stable??) compared to the rest of my portfolio, which is pretty much all in equities.  Here’s to more wins!

Anyway, catch you all when I get back! 🙂

5 thoughts on “O.O.O plus another PB win

  1. Enjoy the time off, Weenie. I know what you mean about brain-fry. Have fun in the sun, we’ll catch you on your return (more photos of Hong Kong, please?)

  2. Enjoy your time in HK! I visited many years ago and absolutely loved the city. Watching the laser/light show from a boat in the bay was most enjoyable.

  3. Hey Weenie,

    Hope you’re having/had a lovely time. Congrats on another premium bond win. Hopefully we may hear some tales of your trip on your return and whether you were able to stay within your financial budget (if you had one!)


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