Gin and Win

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For a side hustle, you can’t do anything more exciting or different than create your own GIN!

My go-to drink (when I’m not on the beers) is gin and I’ve been drinking it since the days when all that was available was Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire and the only tonic you could get was good old Schweppes.

Nowadays, you can’t go to a pub without there being a display of different gins to choose from for discerning drinkers and a whole raft of different flavoured Fever Tree tonics to try out.

Funny how there are drinks which you loved when you were younger (for me, cider and rum) which I can no longer drink or stomach (probably because I’ve been so ill from over-indulgence in the past!) but the same can’t be said for gin, which I still love!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive some samples of Springmount Gin. However, I was out last weekend (Manchester meetup and then out for 30th birthday) and as I don’t drink during the week it’s taken me until now to try them, so bottoms up…


So three flavours:

The first one I tried was Mint and Lime – the mint was more of a hint, which I didn’t really taste at first as the lime flavour was quite strong. However, in between sips, you definitely got the minty flavour, which made this drink quite refreshing, something for a nice summer’s day, rather than a dark evening in March!

The second flavour I tried was Strawberry and Raspberry. Of all fruit-flavoured food or drinks, I’d say strawberry is my favourite so I was a little disappointed that the strawberry flavour wasn’t as strong as I thought it would be. Perhaps the raspberry just blended the flavour into a tangy ‘berry’ flavour, which was nice and fruity, but not standout different.

I saved the last one, Lavender and Lemongrass for last as I thought this would be my favourite and I was right! Upon pouring the gin, there was a lovely light lavender fragrance, which combined well with the stronger lemongrass. Taste-wise, the lemongrass came out well (it’s a taste I love) so unfortunately, this one I didn’t really take the time to savour as it was very more-ish and after finishing it quite quickly, I wished there was more!

So for me, order of preference was Lavender and Lemongrass, Mint and Lime and Strawberry and Raspberry. I’d be happy being served any of these and personally, would recommend them with plain, unflavoured tonic water to allow for the flavours to be enjoyed.


Nothing last month but March sees my second premium bond win of the year (£25).

So this prize will be chucked into the ISA to be reinvested. Let’s hope I get some more prizes in the year.

As mentioned previously, Premium Bonds make crap ‘investments’ but it’s the only cash element of my portfolio and represents less than 10% of the total, with the rest pretty much all equity, hence the roller-coaster dips and rises of my Future Fund.

The gambling gremlin in me also loves the fact that I could win a big prize – in it to win it!:-)

And that’s it, just a brief update to get these bits out of my Drafts – have a nice weekend all and hope the weather isn’t too bad!

11 thoughts on “Gin and Win

  1. Those gins sound amazing. I’ve not had a drink now since January but they may be enough to tempt me back! The thought of a G&T as the weather warms up is very appealing.

    I had my first Premium Bonds win this month. £25 as well. Agree that it’s a terrible investment but at least it’s tax free and better returns than many savings accounts.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

    • Well done on staying off the booze – lots of empty calories in alcohol so this has probably helped with your weight loss programme.

      And congrats with your Premium Bond win, the first of many I hope!

  2. Gin is in!

    But maybe it’s better ti think of what’s the next big thing to get into.
    Posh Cola?

    Personally I think that rum or cashasa is the next big thing.
    And best of all; you can probably get an all expenses paid trip to the Caribbean or Brazil out of thus lifestyle business- hey you need to meet sugar exporters and if it looks like a holiday it’s not, it’s work!

    • Hi GFF

      Hah, an all expenses paid holiday to the Caribbean or Brazil sounds like a fab trip for ‘work’!

      My guess is that unless posh cola comes from Coca-Cola themselves, can’t really see that becoming a big one!

  3. Hi there, been good reading your blog and savings “methods” … however, I am a little confused when you say your future fund. So you own this fund now? Or as I states in the future you will own this??

    Premium Bonds I treat mine as intelligent gambling… if that exists!

    Nice to read your blog and keep up the good investing!

    • Hi Philip

      My ‘Future Fund’ is the name I call my portfolio, which is made up of my ISAs, SIPPs, Premium Bonds and company defined contribution pension. So yes, I own this ‘fund’ now, although of course, it is subject to stock market fluctuation and additional capital as I continue to invest in it. The aim of the Future Fund is to provide me with income from when I retire early and to boost my income from when I can draw on the state pension and my final salary pension.

      Thanks for stopping by and the kind wishes.

  4. Hi Mr F2F

    Thanks for explaining in detail how you go about creating the flavours, it’s fascinating!

    All the best with the launch of the products!

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  6. Gin! Yum! Like you I’ve always drunk gin, even when it was just for harden drinkers and grannies and you could only ever find a couple of brands on sale. Now everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon and every pub has its own mini Gin Palace on the drinks menu! I like these new flavoured ones but it’s what to drink them with? I don’t like paying for premium flavoured tonic water, but tonic itself can be overpowering so the subtle ones. I really like the sound of the lavender and lemongrass one you tried. It sounds right up my street.
    I’m currently enjoying a parma violets one, which goes ok with normal tonic but is actually nicest on its own… as was a lovely gingerbread gin which went down very well at Christmas but while it’s socially acceptable to drink a good single malt whisky on its own I’m not sure it feels the same with gin! I quite fancy trying the lavender one from M&S which is colour changing AND lavender flavoured, and they do a rose flavoured one as well. I love scented things and pretty things, so seeing as they’re on special offer at the moment I might give them a go. It’s coming up for mother’s day so I’m sure the Six can afford a few pounds each to invest in, quite literally, their ‘mother’s ruin’!
    Well done on the Premium Bonds win. I’ve a small amount in Bonds but no win as yet….but as you say, you’ve got to be in it to win it so fingers crossed for us both!

    • Hey Mrs Fu

      I’m with you – I’m not too keen on the premium flavoured tonics because that’s all you end up tasting.

      I’ve heard of the parma violets one but not tried it yet – sounds like something I would enjoy (used to love those sweets as a kid!). Some other interesting flavours too you mention so I need to check out to see what’s available in the supermarket!

      I hope you get the gin you wished for on Mother’s day! 🙂

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