Au Revoir, Twitter?

The other day, I got this:

What rules did I break?

Say what???!

I wouldn’t know how to even begin to do any sort of ‘evading’ if someone was paying me to do so!

All I do on my account is post when I publish my monthly blog and read some of the tweets of the accounts I follow. I’ve received no notifications of any impending suspension, just this.

Anyway, I’ve submitted an appeal, for what it’s worth.

If nothing comes from it, well it’ll be a shame but I can live without Twitter.

16 thoughts on “Au Revoir, Twitter?

  1. What did you do to piss Elon off lol

    In all seriousness, Twitter is on the decline anyway. Between the exodus of users and many people being suspended for no reason, I think it’s only a matter of time until it’s closed down.

  2. Sorry to hear this.
    My own twitter account is locked as I can’t prove who I am (I used an old phone number as my contact and can’t reset the password despite having other ways to prove who I am).
    So, I can still post but only when I submit a post from the blog.

    I don’t miss it and even then didn’t use it that much. For you. Maybe it’s best to part ways.

  3. So…. They gave you a permanent suspension for breaking rules on evading permanent suspension.
    Makes total sense

    Also, how would one actually go about actually evading permanent suspension. My best guess would be by following the rules. So have to banned you for following the rules? WTF?!

    I know it’s not that important but I hope the unban you, because if they don’t it just goes to show how stupid Twitter has become.

    • Hey TFS
      I know, just ridiculous.
      It’s annoying as it’s one of the few social media apps I still use but as I said, if they don’t overturn the ban, I can live without it.

    • Hi IF
      There was a time when I too wasted far too many hours on it but I got to a stage where I thought my use was relatively ‘healthy’.

      Probably healthier still without it!

  4. That rule you broke is hilarious and nonsensical. I left Twitter a few days after Elon took over, it was always a bit toxic but the levels of abuse seemed to triple overnight. It wasn’t fun or lighthearted anymore, literally, everything turned into a full-scale slagging match.

    • Hi SYBN

      Tell me about it, it just doesn’t make sense!

      In the early days, I did find Twitter toxic but then I learned how to block (accounts and certain words) and it became a more pleasant experience.

  5. My friend also got one of these recently, in also perplexing circumstances. She’d never been previously warned or suspended. By the time she got the account back she’d already moved over to Mastodon, and taken a bunch of people with her. Maybe Elon’s trying to sink his own ship so he can claim tax losses for his overpaid billions, who knows!

    • Hi Sarah

      Weird that these kinds of suspensions have just gone out randomly for no rhyme or reason.

      That’s a second mention for Mastodon so I will definitely take a look, cheers.

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