June 2016 Savings, plus other Updates

A bit of a topsy-turvy month – with the announcement at work and various members of my family arriving for an extended visit and birthday celebrations (mine!), things aren’t quite normal in the weenie household. Oh, and also Brexit happened….


So I managed a savings rate of 39.7%, my lowest so far this year. Meals out with friends and family plus shopping trips (again with family) incurred extra expenses.

My average savings rate has now sadly dropped below my target, now at 49.4%, so just below my target. With my family being around for a few more months and work being uncertain, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to drag this back up but I’ll do what I can.

This month’s income was boosted by £50 from rent received, £25 premium bond winnings and £25.05 from TopCashback*. I also made my first £100 investment using matched betting profits – more on that another time.

Net Worth and Future Fund 

I don’t report my Net Worth on a monthly basis, but here’s the detailed info after the second quarter:

Jun16networth(a) Figure based on August 2015 statement, plus overpayments made

(b) Personal Emergency Fund

(c) Emergency Fund for stuff related to BTL property

(d) On a 0% rate

(e) Zoopla estimated value of property as at 30/06/16

Brexit has actually had an initial positive impact on my portfolio – helped along with new capital, my Future Fund now stands at £72,192.02, an increase of 5.9% from last month.

Since December 2015, my net worth has increased by 15.2% (not including my work DC pension). I’m not really hung up on this number but it’s heading in the right direction, so I guess I’m happy.


Dividends and Other Income

Dividends received this month (which will be reinvested): Continue reading

2 Years!

This Sunday marks TWO years since I started blogging about my journey to FI/Retiring Early!

Happy 2nd birthday to Quietly Saving! 🙂

2nd birthday

The years have flown by but yet at the same time, it feels as if I’ve been blogging for aaaaaaages!

Back Then

Although my first post on this blog was in April 2014, I had made a note of my finances in March – my starting or pre-FI plan numbers!

Here’s the comparison between my starting numbers and my most recent update:

  • March 2014 – Net Worth: £74,595.92
    March 2016 – Net Worth: £123,213.39
  • March 2014 – Savings Rate: 26.5%
    March 2016 – Savings Rate: 60.6%
  • March 2014 – Future Fund: £30,075.11
    March 2016 – Future Fund: £64,650.75

Ok, so my savings rate last month was an unusually high one, boosted by a work bonus but even if I compare it to February 2016 which was 51.6%, it’s still a pretty good effort if I may say so myself!

I’m particularly pleased with the increase in my Future Fund because it had taken me FIVE years to save the £30,075.11 I started off with in March 2014 (what can I say….I had no plan!), yet in the two years that I have been blogging and following my FI/early retirement path, I have doubled my fund. Go me! 🙂

The increases in both Net Worth and Future Fund are largely due to new capital being chucked in every month without fail; I’ve aimed to save/invest as much of my net salary as possible, and also put away income I get from extra curricular activities, such as cashback, gambling winnings and various online activities.

Thank You

A big thanks to all who take the time to read this humble little blog – it’s a great incentive to me to know that people have a passing interest in what I have to say about my little journey and I love to read your comments and private emails. Thank you very much for helping me be accountable, giving me encouragement and helping me stick to my plan and aim for my goals!

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March 2016 Savings, plus other Updates

March saw me return from my most expensive holiday, but also saw me receiving an annual bonus from work. So, what did that do to my numbers?


A savings rate of 60.6%! Actually, it should have been a lot higher than this but I ended up siphoning some towards a fund for future holidays and also, following TFS‘ suggestion, put some towards matched betting (more on this later).

My monthly average savings rate is now 54.6% – as I have some ‘high spending’ in my calendar which I hadn’t accounted for when I initially set my goal, I hope I’ve managed to push this rate high enough to keep my average up by the end of the year.

Anyway, this month’s savings was topped up with £50 from rent received.

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2016 Goals/New Year Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone – I hope the hangovers weren’t too bad (unlike mine – I never learn… but at least I wasn’t doing shots!)


In the past, I’ve pretty much always set myself new year resolutions and probably kept to most of them. Setting goals and resolutions on my blog however makes me more accountable and more likely to try to keep to them and work hard to achieve them.

Although I found them all interesting, I think I set myself too many goals last year (11), allowing myself to get distracted and on occasion, a little stressed out that I couldn’t concentrate on certain goals.

So I’m taking a leaf out of Mr Z’s book and am going to simplify things a little this time:

2016 Financial Goals

  • Average 50% savings rate – I’ve failed twice now to achieve this…third time lucky?! Saving 50% of my salary is probably my most important goal – saving the most I can towards my Future Fund, keeping my living expenses down so that I can save that amount and knowing what I can live on comfortably in the future when I no longer want to work.
  • £720 total dividend income – Last year, my total dividend income was £356.36. I’d like to try to get an average £60 per month so I’m pretty much doubling what I achieved last year. £60 would cover my mobile phone bill, the TV licence, my water bill and my car maintenance plan! My main investment strategy continues to be investing in index trackers so I need to balance this right to maintain this.
  • £1k personal emergency funds – Not a huge amount I know but I’ve got to start somewhere. How have I managed to get away with not having an emergency fund? I’ve used 0% credit cards in the past. Yes, I know, I know…

2016 Non-Financial Goals

  • Borrow and read 20 library books – Borrowing from the library means that I spend less on books but also means that I am supporting my local library services. I’m going to try to read 35 books this year (5 less than last year as I’m going to reread the ‘Game of Thrones’ books and some of them are over 1000 pages!) of which 20 must be borrowed from the library.

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