I’ve created this page to highlight some of the services which I personally subscribe to (with my referral links).


Freetrade is an investing app which allows you to buy and sell investments for free. While there will be a monthly charge of £3 for their S&S ISA, there is no platform charge for their basic investment account.

As well as UK and US stocks/shares, you can also invest in Vanguard and other ETFs.

Click here if you want to check out the app and bag a free share at the same time.

If you’re interested, here’s my initial review of the app.



OddsMonkey is the matched betting service I subscribe to.  It provides all the information and tools needed to make matched betting both easy and profitable. The forum is friendly and helpful should you have any questions or need assistance. I currently make on average around £300-£400 matched betting profits a month but the potential is for much more.

Try it out for free.


I’ve been earning money from TopCashback for many years now. If you are going to shop online anyway, particularly for things/services which are necessary, eg car or house insurance, it’s worth checking out if those companies are on TopCashback so you can get some cash back from your purchase.

Buying via TopCashback does not cost you any extra.