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Glad it’s a long weekend so I can work on some blog content!

My SIPP and ISA investments are with Hargreaves Lansdown.  Reading various blogs and financial forums, there appears to be a lot of hate for this company due to their higher than average fees and massive profits. Personally, I chose them over cheaper platforms because I think their website is great and easy to use and I have experienced excellent customer service so far. If the fees start to become an issue at a later date, I shall deal with that then.

In the meantime, here’s a handy snapshot of my portfolio lifted straight from their website:

As you can see, I’ve gone for diversification (though heavily weighted towards the UK at the moment) and quite a bit of risk.
My investments are in a mixture of unit trusts and tracker funds, more of the former than the latter, but I hope to change that in time.
I’m actually aiming for 80% equity, 20% bonds/gilts (for the next five years) but it’s currently standing at around 89% / 11%, so I’ll need to try to adjust my monthly payments to balance it out. There are some bonds/gilts in the Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares fund, so perhaps I’ll chuck more in there too.
I’ll probably update this on a quarterly basis.

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  1. Hi Laura

    Thanks for stopping by! I agree – I've been with them a little over 12 months and both customer service and website have been excellent, with lots of information and tools.

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