Getting Rid of Stuff

Some of the blogs I’ve come across not only have great advice about things of a financial nature but also extol the virtues of decluttering both your life and your home. Even making some money from selling off unwanted items.

I have to admit, I’m a terrible hoarder.  I used to be worse, when I used to buy a lot more ‘stuff’ but there’s still huge room for improvement.

So, I’ve started getting rid of some stuff:  unsellable items are in the charity bag (managed to just fill one up this weekend) and will sell smaller items such as books, CDs, DVDs etc.

Whilst I could probably get a decent price from selling them all individually on Ebay (though not the books as post & packaging works out as too expensive), listing and packing so many small items is very time-consuming. Plus I have the added inconvenience of not living near or working near a post office so everything would have to be posted on a Saturday.

I came across via the Money Saving Expert forum, which had decent reviews so I thought I’d give them a go.

The prices they offered for my stuff I would say is pretty much car boot sale prices, ie extremely low. I got between £0.30 and £1.99 for DVDs and between £0.17 and £1.03 for paperbacks.  As none of the items had any sort of sentimental value, I accepted the price offered. Some books and DVDs they didn’t accept (you key in the book ISBN number or DVD barcode) – those, I will take to the charity shop.

Going to this site, I got a voucher code which added an extra 10% to the offer price.

So my first batch of items, I got just £8.82 – could have probably at least doubled that on Ebay I guess but this took no time at all. Whilst I don’t have a post office near me, I do have a newsagent which acts as a Collection Point so my books were posted off free with a preprinted label. Payment for my stuff was made to my PayPal account within 5-6 days of receipt of my items.

This site probably isn’t for people who actually want to make decent or fair money by selling books that they paid a lot of money for – it’s just a cheap, quick and easy service, with no hassles.

I have got some more expensive/electronic items that I will have to sell on Ebay so I will sort those out at some point.

Anyway, hoping to fill another charity bag this weekend!