Earning Cash Online

There are plenty of ways to earn cash online with fairly little effort.

These are the sites that I use: the first four I have used for many years and which have faithfully paid out. The others are pretty new ones I’ve just started this year.

Valued Opinions
Total Earned 2013: £17
Earned so far this year: £4.13
Payment: Vouchers eg Amazon, Boots, John Lewis etc.
What you have to do: Answer opinion surveys on all kinds of things, eg your grocery shopping, buying cars, credit cards etc.

Total Earned 2013: £245
Earned so far this year: £19.69
Payment: Cash direct to bank account, or vouchers, eg Amazon, Debenhams, Boots etc.

What you have to do: Using this site is a MUST for buying things that you need, especially house/car/travel insurance, breakdown cover, mobile contracts – these all pay excellent cashback, eg AA paid £50.50, Phones4U paid over £70. My colleague easily makes £200 cashback every year buying all her cat food and litter via this site.

Amazon Associates
Total Earned 2013: £506
Earned so far this year: £15.02
Payment: Cash direct to bank account

What you have to do: Get people to purchase goods from Amazon via your associates link and earn around 6% commission on the purchases. One idea is to get your friends and family to always visit your blog when making Amazon purchases, or simply to get them to save the link in their Favorites list so this is the link they will hopefully click on when they shop on Amazon. Unfortunately, the Amazon Associates account I run is on behalf of a society, so I don’t get any of the above funds, but you can see the earnings potential.

Total Won 2013£1.23
Won so far this year£0.59
Payment: Paypal
What you have to do: Make the required number of searches (unverified) and earn a place in a lottery syndicate with a lottery line in the National Lottery or Euromillions. Winnings are shared out between the 20 or so syndicate members, hence only pennies so far.  I don’t spend a lot of time on this one, but it’s nice to do enough searches to get a ticket, in it to win it and all that for free!

Earned so far this year: £3.51
Payment: Good old fashioned cheque
What you have to do: Answer surveys, acknowledge emails, watch videos, do verified internet searches.

Earned so far this year: £7.65
Payment: Cash direct to bank account or via PayPal
What you have to do: On the one hand, this site is similar to TopCashback and I’ve heard of people using both, comparing which site pays the most cashback. On the other hand, it also runs its own surveys (Quidco Opinions), and the cash I’ve earned is from doing such surveys.

Earned so far this year: £5.00 
Payment: Gift cards, eg Amazon, Paypal, iTunes etc
What you have to do: Search, answer surveys, watch online videos and play online games to earn ‘swagbucks’. These are then redeemed for vouchers when they reach the required amount, eg the £5 Amazon giftcard I earned was redeemed for 825 swagbucks.

Being active on all these sites (especially the survey ones) can be quite time consuming, I tend to just hit a couple of them as and when, though I guess to maximise my earnings, I should try to hit them all.

Even if it’s just earning a few quid, it’s a few quid going in your pocket and it all adds up – I’m intending to invest these quids this year!

6 thoughts on “Earning Cash Online

  1. Looks like Top Cashback has served you well! I was recommended to check this out the other day so I'll certainly be doing that now I've seen your results.

    Well done with your Amazon earnings!

  2. Hi Joe
    Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I can't recommend TopCashback enough – it almost makes buying things like insurance enjoyable! The Amazon link is a great earner, particularly around Christmas time. It works for Amazon vouchers too, so earn commission when you buy a voucher and then earn commission when the voucher is spent – double whammy!

  3. Hi Weenie,

    I couldn't agree with you more on recommending TopCashback. I'm a big fan and I think everyone in the UK should be using it! (That or Quidco)
    I was using Swag bucks at the end of last year along with YouGov, and Onepoll. I was taking part in a lot of surveys before, but I do find them quite boring now, that's why I've tended not to use them that much anymore. They just feel like mindless work for me and I can't justify the time I spend on them for the reward. However, if you and others get enjoyment from doing them, why not do it! Swagbucks has some great alternatives to surveys though, and they're the one I tend to use now.

    I've not used Amazon Associates though, and it's one of those things I've been meaning to try out. There are loads of products I would happily recommend to people (and currently do). If you're able to help people and get paid for it too, why not!

    You're absolutely right with all these little extras adding up. I treat them like dividend payments, I stick them up in a savings account and invest them with a lump sum the following month.

    Keep up the good work Weenie!

    All the best

  4. Hi Huw
    Ah, I didn't mention YouGov as the £50 is hard to get to (I'm nowhere near!). I agree, the surveys can get a bit tedious after a while but I may have a renewed zest for doing them now that I have a purpose (ie investment!) for the funds I earn from doing them!
    Yep, the Amazon programme is definitely worth looking at and trying.

  5. I have over £60 in my YouGov account, it does take ages to get that magic £50 – but once you reach this magic number, the surveys requests seem to grow. A few minutes every day, for a few points – its never going to be a big earner.

  6. Hi sparkleb33, I don't seem to get that many survey requests for YouGov but as you say, once I hit that magic £50, I'll get some more so can work towards the next £50! Thanks for stopping by!

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