Another Investment Found

Rather than make a shoddy attempt at describing what an investment trust is, it would be far better if you checked out Monevator’s excellent explanation here.

My current portfolio includes mutual funds, index trackers, shares, cash, peer-to-peer lending but no investment trusts.

Or so I thought.


Last month, I ‘found’ that I had a little equity income fund that was neither in my SIPP nor NISA.  

I’ve now ‘found’ an investment trust which I started back in 1997, investing in Japan! Bear in mind that during this time, I had big credit card debts and had just bought a house, so quite what I was doing investing instead of paying off my debts is anyone’s guess! Incidentally, I only found out what investment trusts were recently so guess who was investing in something they didn’t understand…ahem! 
I recall that I used to get dividend cheques posted to me but I switched so that they were paid straight into my bank account.  I guess you could say I didn’t any pay attention to these until when I recently went through my bank statements properly (to check my gambling spending) and saw last year’s dividend payment! 
My original investment was £300 – I was in debt so didn’t have much to invest and yes, I know now that I shouldn’t have been investing at all! I wasn’t great with my personal finances previously and evidently, my filing/paperwork left a lot to be desired!
Anyway, it’s now worth £770! Seems like it’s done ok in the last 10 years.
Now that I can check its value and progress online, I’ll include it in my figures and will invest the dividend payments – £9.32 this year.
Right, I’m certain that I don’t have any other investments lurking about but I’ll post if I find any more!

4 thoughts on “Another Investment Found

  1. What a great surprise! Do you think you will buy any more of it or just invest the dividend?

    I have Baille Gifford Shin Nippon which I top up monthly as part of my plan to introduce some (much needed) diversification. It will be interesting to see what happens with Japan over the next few years.

  2. Hi Cerridwen, I wasn't intending to buy any more of it but I may do in the future. Like you, I need to diversify more!

  3. Hi Zee, thanks and yes, a nice bonus and goes to show how time is such an important factor in investing.

    The domestic football season is about to start in a couple of weeks and I'm confident that I will not gamble like I used to so my money will go towards my savings and investments!

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