Chinese New Year and Predictions

Happy Chinese New Year, or ‘Kung Hei Fat Choi’!

Being born and bred in the UK, I actually don’t know a lot about this celebration apart from the bits that my parents told me about – growing up, Christmas was always a bigger deal for me, although I knew it was different for the older members of the family.

Up until a few years ago, when my grandmother lived in the UK, I used to go into Manchester every year to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations with her, eg the lion and dragon dancing, lighting of the fire crackers and fireworks, eating different foods etc. Since she moved back to Hong Kong, it’s just another day where I avoid driving into city centre due to road closures, although I’ll probably treat myself to some crispy duck and pancakes in celebration and try to observe a couple of ‘traditions’.


I did a big clean of my house over the weekend.  Apparently, this is to signify ‘removing the old and welcoming the new’. Note, that in the past, the ‘new’ often meant a big shopping spree! 

It’s also traditional for married folk to give children and singletons money in little red packets.The money is meant to be lucky for both the recipient and the donor. My little red packets will be waiting for me to be picked up when I go to Hong Kong later in the year, so I have some of my spending money sorted out!

However, to pass on my own ‘wealth and luck’, I also give money to my folks (my parents and my grandmother), so a rather large slice of cash has gone out of my pocket this month for that.

Year of the Goat/Ram

One thing I like to do is read my Chinese New Year horoscope (I was born in the year of the Rooster). I’m not one to believe what is predicted in horoscopes, it’s all just a bit of fun and I thought I’d see what this year would bring for me, obviously just showcasing the bits that are relevant to this blog. So….what’s in store for me? (Extract adapted from this website)

The year of the Goat starts on 19th February 2015 and is looking to be a productive year for the Rooster with a lot set to take place throughout the year. In order for the Rooster to make the most out of what the year has to offer, they would be wise to prioritise their tasks and projects and not take on too much at one time but focus on one or two things and complete those before starting another; by doing so, the Rooster should be able to enjoy a better year with a better balanced lifestyle. (Looks like I need to make sure I plan stuff and not multi-task too much!)

Small things can lead to big changes for the Rooster this year in their career and just by talking things over with colleagues and peers, they can gain a lot of recognition and find their voice being heard in the workplace this year. The Roosters career is looking to go very well this year. The majority of Roosters will enjoy the progress that they are making in their career this year and will be more than happy to stay in their current employment. (Looks good, I’ll try to volunteer for more stuff at team meetings!)

The Rooster’s finances are going to require a bit of control and discipline (uh oh!) this year as the year of the Goat is looking to be very busy. By putting money aside earlier in the year, the Rooster will be able to do a lot of what they wish to do although please be sure to always read contracts and small print and also seek professional advice on big purchases. (Not planning on making a big purchase but I think I need to work even harder on controlling my spending and keeping my emergency fund topped up!)

Social aspects of the Rooster’s life are looking very promising this year and there will be plenty of opportunities for the Rooster to extend their friend circle and meet new people throughout the year of the Goat. The Rooster should find that their natural charm can help them meet new people and form some good relationships. (The meet-up on 21st March springs to mind!)

Single Roosters have some really great and encouraging opportunities for the Rooster to find new love. (Ooh, promising…better brush up on those chat-up lines…)

Home improvements should be considered this year if the Rooster has previously been putting it off but please evaluate the pros and cons and also the costs and always seek the advice of a professional. (I desperately need new curtains….)

Overall, this is looking to be a fantastic year for the Rooster with a lot going their way. Have a great year of the Goat!

As I said, horoscopes are just a bit of fun but looking at the above, apart from the romance thing, I could probably MAKE it all come true if I put my mind to it and why not? It’s all good stuff!

And when it all happens, I can say that my horoscope predictions came true, haha! 🙂

Well that’s my year planned out then, I know what I need to do!

Wishing you all a prosperous 2015!

12 thoughts on “Chinese New Year and Predictions

  1. I used to get red envelopes growing up (I'm half Chinese) but those stopped for me around when I turned 15 or so (and I did not get married). But for some reason my sister who is older than me still gets them and she's 36, was married (now divorced) and has 2 kids of her own. I don't know how I got jacked on that deal but I never understood when the envelopes were supposed to get cut off.

    Happy Chinese New Years!

  2. Hi Zee, Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

    I'm not sure why your red envelopes stopped when you turned 15, particularly as I'm still getting them in my 40s! Perhaps different families just have their own take on the traditions. I'm not sure if my divorced sister gets any either (never really asked her) although of course, she collects some on behalf of my nephew (who incidentally is also half Chinese).

  3. Happy Chinese New Year, Weenie!

    You have no idea how much I like reading horoscopes, even though I think they're complete BS. 🙂 They're just so broad and general that they, well, pretty much apply to everyone. Maybe one day I should get myself a job as a horoscope writer.

    Love the tradition of passing on wealth and luck! More people should do that.


  4. Thanks NMW
    Yes, I do enjoy horoscopes – there was a time I used to read them daily and it would be great fun if something actually came true!
    Agree, it's a great tradition spreading wealth and luck!

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