All Over


Well, who would have thought the opinion polls could have been so wrong and that Paddy Ashdown’s hat would get its own Twitter account with over 12k followers?


Maybe I had a bit of a sixth sense about the way it would go – a few weeks ago, I placed a cheeky little bet on the Tories to win by a majority – I’ll be investing my winnings!


Anyway, it’s all over for another 5 years – 5 years for me to make the most of saving and investing no matter what the politicians decide to do!

Have a nice weekend all!

13 thoughts on “All Over

  1. Nice one Weenie! One of the guys from my workplace was talking yesterday about us all putting money in a pot and placing a big bet on a Tory majority – odds were 10 to 1 at that point would could have pocketed some ready cash. Ah well, its now a matter of waiting to see what changes and promises they will honour. Have a great weekend.

  2. It was a shock it ended up like this. How much did you win? What will you invest it in? Peer to peer, stocks?

  3. Weenie,

    For us investors I believe it's best that the Tories won, but as a European I'm not quite sure that I'm happy with the outcome. You better rally the troops during the EU referendum next year and stay with us! 😉


  4. Thanks Sparklebee
    The odds were 11/2 by the time I looked at them and I thought why not? It will remain to be seen what promises they keep, although I think they will change their stance on some things because I really don't think they believed that they would ever get a majority themselves!

  5. Hi Laura
    I only won £11 – I don't gamble so much these days so only put £2 on but still, it's a win! The money has been transferred into my S&S ISA, so likely to be used to purchase funds, rather than stocks or peer to peer.

  6. Hi NMW
    From a personal finance point of view, I think the best party won, but I do have concerns regarding the European thing amongst other things. Much like the people of Scotland voting for their referendum, perhaps this is a vote that needs to be carried out, but I'll be voting to stay in any case.

  7. well done on winning a cheeky bet! I didn't have time to put a bet on until it was really too late. I am glad the Tories won, as I am hoping they will continue the economic progress made under the coalition government.


  8. Hah, great call weenie!!!
    The only betting preview I bothered reading about it predicted labour to win the most seats (4/1) but I didn't bet on it, just read it to get someones view really. Saying that, I was pretty shocked at the result as were most by the sounds of it so well done again.


  9. It certainly was a surprise. And the maps showing yellow north of the border and blue below were kind of shocking! Perhaps the best result from a PF point of few (the banking stocks certainly seemed to think so!).

    Mr Z

  10. Yes, I hope they continue with the economic progress – I just fear that they will get distracted by the Euro referendum!

  11. Thanks TFS. Just hours before the exit polls, Betfair had Milliband odds on to be prime minister – that's when I should have put my bet on as the odds on a Tory win would have been ridiculously high.
    Still, happy I called it – should have put more on haha!

  12. Hi Mr Z
    Yes, I'm happy from a PF point of view – just couldn't see me being so with any other result, (maybe with another Tory coalition). Ah well, let's see what happens in the next 5 years – it's only been days and yet already the press are willing them to fail!

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