Monkey Stocks League Challenge – The Full Line Up

I am happy to present a snapshot of the opening league table of the Monkey Stocks League Challenge, based on share prices at close of business on 30th September 2015:



Live table (during trading hours, Rank and Value will be updated automatically) and full portfolio listings can be found here. (I’ll try and insert a new page and embed but Blogger’s not working for me right now!)

A big thanks to MikeS who helped me with the initial set up of the spreadsheets!

With the markets wobbling all over the place, most of the portfolios are showing losses.

However, it’s good to see that three of the five real portfolios (in bold) are at the top of the league, with two of them enjoying small gains – and no, it’s not a fix that I’ve started at the top, just an amazing coincidence that my shares in Sainsbury and Tate & Lyle were doing well that day!!
Of course, this can change at a moment’s notice over the course of a day but it will be interesting to see how they all perform over the course of 12 months.


One fund (LovelyLovelyGorgeous Portfolio) has already ‘received’ its first dividends (from Clarkson plc and Poundland) but this hasn’t stopped them from currently languishing at the bottom of the table. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, eh, Stephen! 🙂


I’ll be trying to keep on top of dividends as they get paid but will certainly do a ‘sweep’ of them all when I do the monthly updates.

Stocks Picked by Experts

Huw threw a challenge at John Kingham so the ‘big guns’ to watch are the hand-picked portfolios:

Huw’s Kunniga Apa Fund vs Kingham’s Pigmamig Fund

Of course, 12 months is really too short a time for any real measurement of ‘expertise’ but for our purposes, it will be fun to see how these two do and of course, we’ll all be wanting the randomly picked Monkey portfolios to beat them, haha! 🙂

And so the Monkey Stocks League Challenge begins – best of luck to all, especially those with real money at stake!

Have a great weekend all!

16 thoughts on “Monkey Stocks League Challenge – The Full Line Up

  1. Great work weenie!

    I can't believe where this has got to form us talking about it in SoA in March. I think you (and MikeS) have done a sterling job.

    It's a bit of fun and it raises our awareness of other companies in the market. I must give John Kingham credit too. He's a legitimate authority in this field and he's open to having bit of fun with it too.

    Looking forward to seeing how we all get on!


  2. Good stuff Weenie! (as ever)

    It'll be interesting at the end of the year to play games with the numbers and see how the monkey vs human challenge pans out as a whole. Also to see if we what the performance of all the stocks as a whole will be (sort of an 350 index fund?)


  3. It's amazing how volatile the market has been lately, but then I guess September is historically the worst month on the stock market, so we should expect it.

    Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out over the year

    Thanks so much for you and Mike setting it up


  4. Hey Huw
    A very big thanks to you that this has happened – it was you who asked me what I had planned for my blog and I told you I was going to buy my own monkey stocks and you suggested a league table!

    And thanks for shouting out to John and thanks again to John for taking the time to take part – all fun yet educational!

  5. Hey M
    When I started working on the spreadsheets, I was looking at the league table quite regularly (whenever I could sneak a look at work) and I was really surprised at how the shares just jumped up and down during the day!

    Looks like things are calming down a little and more of the portfolios are seeing some gains.

    Thanks again for taking part!

  6. Hi Mike
    Ooh, I forgot that you mentioned about all the stocks being in a 'fund' – thanks for reminding me!

    So, the fund started at £11,000, ie 22 x £500 (I haven't included diy Investor (UK)'s Vanguard LS 60 fund) and we' could see what it is at the end of the 12 months. Or maybe I'll do a 6 monthly check too.

    Interesting stuff!

  7. Hey Mr Z, I don't like it any more than you do…don't want to peak too soon haha! 🙂

    Yep, I keep getting distracted at work by the live table! Looks like most of the real portfolios are bunching up together right now – safety in numbers!

    More portfolios getting gains though so looking good!

  8. Hi DH
    Thanks and yes, it will be very interesting to see who these portfolios do. They've all had a fairly rocky start in September so it'll be fun to see how to do when the markets start settling a little.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Finally catching up with all this and see my portfolio going strong four from the top. Then head to the live update and find it four from the bottom. I wonder what went wrong there. I will have to investigate!

    Looking forward to watching this progress!

  10. Hi TFS
    Thanks! Well my great start didn't last long but I'm hovering in the top ten at least – I don't really mind where I finish, as long as I come out positive teally!

    Yes, will be interesting to see what happens as the markets recover and also as more dividends get paid out.

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