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The boss announced the other day that he’d just started converting his garage into a ‘cinema room’, splashing out on a high-end projector, getting the whole garage sound-proofed. Once done, I’m sure he’ll be buying an expensive sofa in there so he can watch movies comfortably.
This is despite the fact that he has no less than three television sets in his house (including a 55′ and a 3D set).  A few other colleagues joined in on the conversation and I realised that I was the only person there who has just the one television set in their house – in my living room. I don’t need one anywhere else!
However, what I do have is a radio in my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I often listen to the radio on my pc while I’m surfing the net/blogging. Oh, and of course, there’s the radio in my car.
Radio Gaga
It’s funny how in this age of technology that the humble radio is still so popular after its invention over a 100 years ago.
Of course, it’s radio’s versatility that has maintained its popularity – you can listen via digital (DAB) technology, online (streaming or podcasts) as well as via good old normal radio waves (FM/AM). Plus of course, listening to the radio costs you nothing (although it may cost if you listen on your mobile).
My radio listening consists of a mixture of music, sport and news.  However, this past year, I’ve been listening more and more to Share Radio, which is a UK radio station dedicated to financial related stuff.


The station covers a lot of topical and financial related current affairs (politics), plus also (from its website):

• Banking
• Budgeting
• Markets
• Property
• Investments
• Insurance
• Small businesses
• Ethics
• Children’s finances

The station broadcasts on Greater London DAB and broadband internet (which is how I listen to it). On my tablet, I listen to it via the TuneIn radio app (the basic free one works well for me).

There’s pretty much something for everyone, including shows aimed at young people/students and others targeted at women.  Plenty more for investors (both experienced and non-experienced) or people just interested in finance or interested in learning more about finance.
Sometimes, I just listen to whatever is being broadcast live but mostly, I dip in and out of the podcasts, of which there are many.
Recently, I’ve caught some of the ‘Managing My Money’ series, which is in conjunction with the Open University  – an audio course of sorts where you can answer a quiz after listening and get an OU course completion certificate.
The series I think is aimed at 20-30 somethings, it’s presented in a non-serious way (with music and comedy sketches) – quite a different and amusing way of ‘teaching’ about finance stuff.
Recent podcasts I’ve listened to have been about the trend of robo-advice and the impact of robots/automation on jobs.  Other podcasts I’ve listened to have been about crowdfunding, investment trusts and some case studies for small businesses.
Anyway, I think it’s worth checking out Share Radio as there could be something there you find interesting. There are the occasional adverts but they’re not half as annoying as the ones that you usually get on commercial radio.
Not yet, anyway!
[Note, I am not affiliated to Share Radio, just thought that people might be interested in something different to listen to that they could find educational!]

12 thoughts on “Shared Listening

  1. Thanks for that Weenie, I'm always on the lookout for interesting podcasts. The BBC do a great job, overall, but so much stuff still seems to be from the US. I'll check this one out.

  2. Weenie

    Thanks for the info on shareradio. I have it on now as I write this (talking about the drop in Burberry today).

    TV is something that I only watch once or twice a week. There is so much to do in this World other than sitting in Front of a TV. Although I do see the attraction.

    Sorry I won't be seeing you at the Fire Escape weekend (I am not going either).


  3. Hi Weenie,

    I'm an occasional listener to the Share Radio station too. I must admit a radio station about money and investing is a novel idea, but it seems to be popular and is very professionally done. I would probably listen more if I had the time!


  4. I've got shareradio on my UK Radio Player apps favourites, although I haven't yet listened to the station.

    I subscribe to a few consumer/business related UK podcasts:-
    BBC 5 Live Consumer Team
    BBC Radio 4 Money Box
    BBC Radio 4 The Bottom Line – My favourite podcast, so interesting the subjects and business people they get in and Evan gets alot out of them in 25mins
    BBC 5 Live Wake Up To Money – listen if I've got a long trip

    Live radio wise, LBC do a expert phone-in most week days at 9pm, Monday's is usually money related.

    I've tried listening to US based finance related podcasts but struggle to get into the format/presenting style

  5. Glad you are enjoying Share Radio. Do listen to the highly entertaining Managing My Money, take the tests and get a Statement of Participation from The Open University. Have fun with Glen Goodman and Annie Weston.

  6. Hi John
    Yes, I agree it is very professionally done, I like the presenters and some of the guests they have on. I try to catch up on podcasts over the weekends.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hi Richard
    I hope you enjoy listening to Share Radio as much as I do. I can't remember now how I came across it, maybe I saw an advert on someone else's blog.

    My TV stays switched off unless there is something specific that I want to watch or if I'm watching DVD or watching catch up TV. It's very rare for me to put it on to browse the channels for something to watch.

    Yes, a shame about the FIRE Escape weekend – hopefully catch you at the next one.

    All the best to you and Alison.

  8. Hi Anon
    I used to listen to Money Box, not sure why I stopped, so I'll check those podcasts again. I'll check out some of those others you've listed too, so thanks for that and thanks for stopping by.

  9. Hi Charlotte
    I have been listening to Managing My Money but not been doing the tests – I have enjoyed the shows, Glen and Annie make me laugh and also so that things related to finances can be presented in a light-hearted way although it is a serious matter!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. ShareRadio is a great one to listen to and covers a wide number of topics.

    The OU also has a free course called Managing my Investments which was excellent. Some subjects were quite 'heavy' in economic theory but gave a good grounding.

  11. Hi Pete
    I did the OU course 'Managing My Investments' and lik you, found it rather 'theory' heavy – some of it interesting, some of it not so (to me). But overall, I did find it a good course.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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