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Well, work’s Christmas party has been and gone in a blur, and no, I didn’t cause any gossip this time, haha!

New Co’s party budget wasn’t as big as Old Co’s (less free booze available) but it was still a good do and we all got little Christmas hampers to take home with us which was a nice touch.

The bugs and viruses were out partying too this time of year and I managed to catch a bug that’s been going around work. I spent the entire weekend tangled up in sweaty bedsheets – sounds exciting but I assure you, it wasn’t at all unless snotty tissues float your boat (!) – and I’ve recovered just in time for more eating and drinking!


This month has also seen a new addition to our family – I’m an aunt again as my sister and her husband have just adopted a baby girl! Everyone is really excited – I can’t wait to see her early next year.

Last year, I celebrated Christmas with my family by travelling to Hong Kong. I’m not flying out this year so will be spending Christmas with some lovely friends who have decided to put me up (or put up with me…whatever!).


Anyway, to those who celebrate it, HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! To those who don’t, happy holidays!

May you all eat lots, drink lots and be merry! 🙂

Ho ho ho and all that!


12 thoughts on “Festive Stuff etc

  1. Merry Christmas Weenie, you know what, my little boy actually asked for you the other day! He remembered you because he sometimes sits in my office and he saw your photo on the old blogger profile logo thing. So merry Christmas from us all!

    • Haha, thanks M – I’m glad I made a good impression on your little boy!

      Have a great Christmas and all the best for the latest addition to your family!

  2. Merry Chrimbo weenie!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone’s 2016 goals soon. I’ll try to get mine out before march this year 🙂

    Eating lots and drinking, hopefully a bit less than usual, is definitely on my agenda.

    • Cheers TFS!

      Oh yes, you have your drinking (or rather drinking LESS) targets to think of!

      All the best over the festive period to you and Mrs T and (future little Miss T)!

  3. Happy Christmas Weenie – good timing to get over the bug and make the most of the time off – eat and drink plenty 🙂

    All the best for 2016

    • Cheers Mr Z.
      Still not quite shifted the bug 100% but I’m alright!

      Hope you had a great Xmas and happy New Year to you too! 🙂

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