Another Premium Bond Win and O.O.O


Another February, another premium bond win!

I only won £25 but by massive coincidence(?), I also won this time last year.

I’ve now won £100 in just 12 months, with only a very small premium bond holding of £2,250, beating the oft quoted 1.35% “return”.

Despite recent articles like these talking about premium bonds being ‘bad investments’, I continue to buy a few more bonds each month.  And I actually agree, they are rubbish investments but I see the bonds as the ‘cash under my mattress’ so to speak (except actual cash under my mattress isn’t ever going to win anything!), not as investments – my investments are in shares, index trackers, investment trusts and p2p lending.

Anyway, I think I’ll chuck my winnings at my recently depleted emergency fund.

Out Of Office

The big holiday that I’ve been putting money aside for has finally come round, so I won’t be about for a few weeks. Funnily enough, I don’t feel like I’m ready for a holiday as I don’t normally go away so early in the year (not jaded enough from work, haha!) but I’m really looking forward to catching up with the family and trying new things in a country I’ve never visited before.

I don’t have any blog posts scheduled so will do some catch-up ones when I get back.

Hope you all have a great February – see you in March! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Another Premium Bond Win and O.O.O

  1. I have some premium bonds to check up on which are so old I only have paper certificates for them. I didn’t even know I owned them until my Mum gave me them a while ago! I need to fill out a form to find out about them, it would be exciting if there’d been a win (though unlikely as the total amount is very low)!

    Have a super holiday Weenie, I look forward to reading your catch-up posts on your return…

    • Hi OR
      If you know what your premium bond Holder’s Number is, I think you can check online for unclaimed prizes. Good luck!

      Thanks for the kind wishes and for stopping by.

  2. Both my wife and I had wins on the lottery this week. Me, £25 on the standard one, she £6 on the Euro millions. Like ERNIE, you gotta be in it to win it! Have a great holiday.

  3. Hi Weenie,
    Congrats on your win – you seem to be doing far better in the PB stakes than me (and I have a larger holding!) – but like you I see this as a cash reserve / emergency fund, so it doesnt bother me, more importantly its tax free!

    Have an absolutely fantastic holiday, put your feet up, enjoy and relax!
    London Rob

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