Monkey Stocks League Updates #5 & #6

As I wasn’t around to do update #5, here are February and March’s updates rolled into one.

So how’s it looking in the Monkey Stocks League Challenge at the halfway stage?

Below is snapshot as at the close of trading 31st March 2016 and leading the charge was M‘s Underdogs Fund!


A nice turnaround since the Underdogs Fund was sitting in 16th place at the end of January!

For the Live table (during trading hours, Rank and Value will be updated automatically) and full portfolio listings, have a look here and also via the right sidebar.

All February and March dividends have been added to the respective portfolios. However, please let me know if I’ve missed any (or if there are any errors) as there are so many to keep track of.

Real Portfolios

My own Funky Monkey Fund and Mr Z’s Undead Monkey Fund are still up there. Cerridwen’s Eye of Toad fund and FireVLondon’s B Team Fund not faring so well in the bottom half of the table.

Expertly Picked Funds

John Kingham’s Pigmamig Fund continues to shake its expert stick at the monkeys (and dogs) at the top, while Huw’s expert picks (Kunniga Apa Fund) languish in 19th place.

Best vs Worst

The best 5 performing shares since the start of the league are Glencore plc, NMC Health plc, Centamin plc and Admiral Group, Evraz plc

If someone had happened to pick all these shares for their portfolio, they would have seen a nice 31.6% gain on their initial investment of £500:


The worst 5 performing shares were Standard Chartered plc, Restaurant Group, Barclays plc, Nostrum Oil & Gas plc and Poundland Group plc.


If you’d had the misfortune to pick this lot, you would have seen your portfolio value drop  -45.35%!

An interesting note is that the Underdogs Fund includes both the best performing share (Glencore) and one of the worst (Standard Chartered). Can’t pick ’em all, eh M? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Monkey Stocks League Updates #5 & #6

  1. Interesting to see how this is all playing out now weenie. I bet you’re really glad you did it!

    Although not so interesting is my current league position, haha. Good job I didn’t pick my own as they’d have no doubt been worse.

    Only 6 in profit but not so surprising given market conditions. In fact I’m quite impressed that 2 have made a double digit gain and even more cool is the best of the best. But that is probably about as likely as picking the super 6 scorelines on the Saturday football!

    Cheers for the updates as usual!

    • Hey TFS

      Glad you’re enjoying these updates and yes, I am glad I set up this league experiment as it’s interesting just to see how the shares react to the markets, news etc.

      The best of the best portfolio is awesome – oh to have a crystal ball to have picked those haha!

      You’ve just reminded me of how much money I lost during my gambling days on Super 6! What a mug I was, haha!

  2. Ha! This is so much fun. Let’s see how STAN fares over the next four months, eh? I actually sold my real shares in them before they plummeted, phew! Can’t wait for next month’s installment 🙂

    • Hey M

      I hope STAN improve too seeing as I have a stake in my normal portfolio – I held onto mine grimly haha!

      As I said to TFS, am enjoying running this and let’s see if you’re still ‘top dog’ next month!

  3. Cracking work M.

    I’ve made 3p. Sweet 🙂 @TFS nice of you to include me in the profit making ones. Just. Scraped. By.

    Too bad I own Evraz 🙁

    Fun experiment so far Weenie :D. Come on undead monkeys. £18 to catch up with Weenie. Focus my good stocks. FOCUS.

    Mr Z

    • When you compare your 3p gain to those with losses, Mr Z, it looks good! 🙂
      Anything can happen over the next 6 months – Brexit vote in the summer is one thing that is likely to cause a few waves!

  4. Great Experiment this! Would be interesting to see how everyone is performing versus the benchmark of the FTSE index through a vanguard tracker – I suspect it will vindicate that we should really just stick our cash in that in real life! (it looks as thought the FTSE all share is up around 1% or so since this started – so it would be a top quartile performer!)

    • Hi The Squirreller

      The fund called ‘Mutley’s Magic Formula’ is (virtually) made up of units in the Vanguard LifeStrategy 60% fund so is probably the one which we should have put our real cash in!

      It’s been holding pretty steady in the top 5 for a while, showing very little fluctuation, compared to some of the other portfolios.

      But you’re right, looking at the list right now, most people would have been better off investing in a Vanguard tracker!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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