Monkey Stocks League Update #7

With the stock markets surging this past month, who is flying high in the Monkey Stocks League Challenge?

Below is a snapshot as at the close of trading on 29th April 2016 and still leading the pack was M’s Underdogs Fund!


This fund has what appears to be a runaway lead, showing a gain of nearly 30%!

For the Live table (during trading hours, Rank and Value will be updated automatically) and full portfolio listings, have a look here and also via the right sidebar.

All April dividends have been added to the respective portfolios. However, please let me know if I’ve missed any (or if there are any errors) as there are so many to keep track of.

Real Portfolios

Riding high in the real portfolios behind the Underdogs Fund is Mr Z’s Undead Monkey Fund, with my own Funky Monkey Fund just outside the top 5. FireVLondon’s B Team Fund and Cerridwen’s Eye of Toad Fund still toiling in the bottom half of the table.

Expertly Picked Funds

John Kingham’s Pigmamig Fund props up the top 5, with Huw’s Kunniga Apa Fund moving up the table in 10th place. Will either/both finish above the monkey funds by the end of the competition?

Best vs Worst

The best 5 performing shares since the start of the league are Evraz plc, Centamin plc, Glencore plc, NMC Health plc and Zoopla Property Group plc.


If someone had happened to pick all these shares for their portfolio, they would have seen a nice 57% gain on their initial investment of £500:

The worst 5 performing shares were BBA Aviation plc, Barclays plc, Nostrum Oil & Gas plc, Poundland Group plc and Restaurant Group.


If you’d had the misfortune to pick this lot, you would have seen your portfolio value drop  by 42% – ouch!

Five more months to go with Brexit and whatever else the market has to throw at us – what will they do to the Monkey Funds?

3 thoughts on “Monkey Stocks League Update #7

    • Still five months to go, so anything can happen! You’ve done alright for yourself in the past with your golf bets, so I’d say you have some luck! 🙂

      • Haha well of course I would argue that’s not luck it’s skill 😉

        Things like casino, lottery and so forth I maintain I have terrible luck which is a good thing as it means I avoid them!

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