Dogs of The FTSE – Q1 (2017)

It’s been around three months now since I created my Dogs of the FTSE portfolio so how have things gone for the mutts?

Nothing to report really.

The portfolio is showing a 1.17% loss from its starting value.

Including dividends received (£20.20), it’s a 0.34% loss.

So not very exciting, with a few Dogs gaining in value and the others showing losses.

Good to see dividends already coming in – I’m expecting around £100 by the end of the year from these shares.

Whilst I’ll be reinvesting these dividends, to keep trading costs to a minimum, they’ll just get reinvested into the rest of my portfolio as and when I make my usual purchases.

I’m not sure if I really want to see anything exciting happen with this portfolio, since ‘exciting’ might not always be positive!

Let’s see how things look in another three months’ time!

9 thoughts on “Dogs of The FTSE – Q1 (2017)

  1. I’m not sure of your exact period for the 0.34% loss but in comparison from 31 Dec 16 to 31 Mar 17 the FTSE100 total return was +3.65%. So the Dogs is off to a slow start in comparison.

    I’ve never tried a Dogs strategy so will be interested to see how this plays out. I’m still running my HYP however that’s gradually diminishing in significance as I reinvest the dividends plus new money into my balanced trackers.

    • Hi RIT

      I never thought to compare the portfolio against the FTSE100 Total Return so thanks for that! I purchased the shares early Feb, had meant to wait til end of April to see what the return was…I’ll sort out for next time. Anyway, between 10/02/17 to 21/04/17, the FTSE100 Total Return was +0.36% so the Dogs are still lagging with that comparison!

  2. Just for interest I thought I’d run this through Stockopedia to see what the Stockranks of these shares looked like. They don’t look terribly good, the stockranks love Persimmon, but they aren’t terribly keen on the rest. (100 is best, 1 is worst)

    Persimmon 99
    Royal Mail 79
    Marks and Spencer 72
    Standard Life 50
    Royal Dutch Shell 45
    SSE 43
    AstraZeneca 39
    Capita 38
    HSBC Holdings 36
    Intu Properties 31

    • Thanks for that Andy. Yes, Persimmon is looking good at the moment, showing the most growth. Hopefully, I’ll still come good by those unloved Dogs in the end!

    • Hey TFS
      Yep, it’ll be interesting to see if politics, eg general election etc have any effect (positive or negative) on them.

  3. Slow and steady as they say – it just takes time! I have a number of those in my portfolio and they have done very well over the last few years, lets see how it goes!


    • Hi FiL
      Two of them (AZ and Capita) have dropped out of the top 10 and if that’s still the case by the end of 12 months, I’ll be selling them so I hope they’ll make a profit! This strategy will really test my ‘selling’ ethic, as it looks like I’m a very cautious seller.

      • Haha yes I can imagine – I really struggle on trying to sell stocks, it doesn’t seem to fit well with me! Good luck and I look forward to seeing how it pans out!

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