Full Speed Ahead

So, as luck would have it, after describing what I did on a ‘typical day‘ during my unemployment ‘unplanned practice retirement’, it looks like I won’t be having any more such typical days.

Following that interview I mentioned at the end of the post, I received a job offer late on Friday and…

…I started work at my New Job TODAY!

I know!




…as the kids would say!

I can’t say I’ve ever gone through such a quick recruitment process – interview Thursday, job offer Friday, start Monday – tap tap BOOM!

At least I had a chance to celebrate with friends on Friday and Saturday.

I’m still rather stunned by it all but I’ve had a good four and a half months off work, they wanted someone to start ASAP and I was able to and more than ready to rejoin the paper-shuffling horde!

And yes, it is a very challenging role and job which I want to do with a company I like the look and sound of.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho and all that, but there goes the free time I was half looking forward to over the summer!

I will do a proper update when I get the chance to catch my breath!

Thanks for everyone’s best wishes – it obviously helped! 🙂

Go me, yay!


50 thoughts on “Full Speed Ahead

  1. Congratulations Weenie, excellent news! And you still have your redundancy pay from the old job as a nice big bonus, right? Look forward to reading the full story soon…

  2. Hi Weenie,

    Woohoo – congratulations! Time for a happy dance! That really is an insanely fast start – I am amazed you got the paperwork done in that time, they were obviously keen and great that it sounds like a good role for you – hopefully that at least means you can bank the majority of your severance package?

    Look forward to hearing more details – good luck and knock em dead!

    • Cheers FiL – yes, it’s really insane how things have happened so quickly! The documentation all arrived by email over the weekend for me to complete, with only one hard copy to sign the morning I started. And yes, I still have the majority of my severance package, hurray!

  3. Very nice to hear! I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the months where you had some additional free time…

  4. Hey, hey, back on the road to FIRE! When I read the first paragraph, I was thinking “nice, time to enjoy the last week or two, wonder what she’ll do?” But no! It’s probably better to have to jump right in and not mull over the loss of free time.

    Congratulations on landing an interesting, challenging job, Weenie. Looking forward to hearing more about it once you’ve settled in.

    • Thanks Mrs ETT – I can’t say that I would have ever deliberately planned for my job-hunting and typical days to end like this but it makes life interesting anyway haha!

  5. Well done weenie!
    That is a remarkably quick turnaround, just goes to show that being able to bide your time whilst out of work can be a massive advantage as you can out stay any notice period and then be able to start straight away if necessary. And that is facilitated by having excess savings rather than debt.

    The new job sounds great!

    I hope that the return to work feeling on Sunday nights holds off for at least a few weeks 😉

    • Cheers TFS! Yes, I’m glad I didn’t have a notice period to contend with, like some of my ex-colleagues. Well, I can’t say that I’m dreading Sunday night, as I’m quite excited about starting my second week! I can’t see that excitement lasting too long, haha!

  6. Well done Weenie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying the new company, they are lucky to have you.

    • Cheers Huw. I came out of the interview thinking that I’d done my best and I’m glad that they thought so too!

  7. Delighted for you. With your attitude, it’s just desserts for you and their good fortunate. I follow you and your community and it has really helped and inspired me to keep focused on my life and financial goals though I don’t usually get involved and comment. Having been through the mill you’ve just been through a couple of times, it builds some personal resilience and, if the timing works out, it can help boost your savings too. Hopefully you’ll be able to reflect positively on going through the mill – your perspectives on things were really sound. Good luck in your new role.

    • Hi Closing in on FI
      Thanks! I have been able to reflect on my redundancy positively – although it was a wrench leaving the company and my friends/colleagues and the whole experience wasn’t pleasant, it could have been much worse. I now have some extra savings in the bag to go towards my plans.

  8. Excellent news.

    It’s impressive that in that short time they could enter you onto payroll, pension scheme, keep a desk and computer for you, …….

    Or did you turn up to be greeted by “who did you say you are?”?

    • Thanks dearieme.

      Haha, I’m glad to say that when I turned up, people knew who I was!
      I had a desk, laptop and work email all set up already. Documents were emailed to me over the weekend, which I was able to sign by e-signature. Payroll was sorted on Monday morning and I’m not eligible for the pension scheme until after my probation period.

  9. That’s excellent, good for you! At least you had a bit of ‘unplanned practice retirement’ 🙂 You didn’t get as much rest as you wanted but it will bring your FIRE goal forward so that’s a nice silver lining

    • Thanks Dennis! Yes, it was good to have that bit of ‘practice’ – the good thing was that I wasn’t bored, so I know come retirement, I’ll be able to keep myself busy with something or other!

  10. Awesome 🙂 Well done you.

    I was made redundant over a decade ago, hacked me off at the time but in hindsight it was a turning point into a far better career trajectory.

    Now, get yourself enrolled in the company pension and max out the employer contributions, AVCs etc.

    Back on Track. Go you!

    • Thanks Phil. Yes, redundancy is not pleasant, no one likes change when it’s forced upon you but on the whole, I saw it as a positive thing. Back on track as you say!

  11. Many congrats, Weenie. Been following the blog for a while, but thought I’d break the silence to wish you well.

  12. Sorry for being late to the party (it’s a busy time at work for me)….CONGRATULATIONS, excellent news!!!
    I’ve been through redundancy twice. The first was a shocking bolt out of the blue – a big boardroom decision that effectively sold our successful particular team down the road, and which none of us saw coming! After the announcement, one of my bosses reassuringly told me…”Out of adversity comes opportunity”, and a few months later the team was all back together again, with some new investors. At the time, i’d been totally committed to the company 100%, my first job since school, twelve and a half years there (but at the time very naive), fully settled, happy and content. Once you get shafted though, you start to work out just how little big business really appreciates its staff. I think at that point i subconsciously began practicing FIRE, and now years later i look back and still recall my bosses words with great fondness. It’s obviously a terrible wrench at the time when a decision about your life is made for you, but for most of us, it toughens us up, teaches us a few things, and hopefully we can all look back in time and in hindsight realise it was actually a good thing.
    Keep up the posts and may i at least be first to wish you good luck with week two.

  13. Thanks for the kind words, KC

    I think my redundancy experience wasn’t as bad as it could have been as we knew it was on the cards a year before it happened and then I was given 6 months’ notice when it was actually announced.

    The first time my job was at risk (during the financial crisis in 2008), I was shocked and took it quite badly/personally. I didn’t this time round, which meant that I was better coping with it. Of course, back then, my financial situation was not as stable (I was still in debt) so saving for FI meant that I was already in a far better situation.

    I do like those words “Out of adversity comes opportunity” – let’s hope I make the most of this opportunity!

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