Three Months

Indeed, three months have passed and I rejoiced when I received the above the other day.

YES, I’m in!!!!

It’s been so long since I’ve had to work through a probation period, I was stressing a bit over this. My friends were all saying I’d be fine but the ‘chimp‘ in my head (which hasn’t been around in a long while) kept asking, “But what if you’re not good enough?

Anyway, all’s good for now so I can relax a little.

Impressions Update

When I started the job back in May, I wrote about my first impressions, along with some pros and cons.

I’d say that in general, things are looking more positive:

  • As mentioned previously, the benefits package is nowhere near as good as my last one but I’ve joined their DC pension now, plus their cash health plan which saves me £20 a month. I’ve also applied for a loan for my annual travel pass. Every bit counts!
  • Commuting via public transport hasn’t been too bad. Since I’m setting off earlier, the trams aren’t packed and I get a space at the park and ride car-park. I love that I’m able to read a lot (or play Pokemon Go when not reading!) and as I arrive at the office over half an hour early, I can take my time having breakfast, my first cuppa and sorting out my inbox before the working day starts. Of course, I will probably change my tune when it’s winter…Plus, I’m not sure how I’ll cope when people are coughing and sneezing around me – I’ll probably wish I was back in my car!
  • I’m a bit more organised now with my routine so only need to buy lunches once or twice a week, and can have a decent lunch for around £2 per day. So, I’ve cut down on my weekly expenses and am still enjoying the free breakfasts!
  • As I’ve been getting in the office early, my boss has said it’s ok for me to leave a little earlier on my gym nights, so I won’t be just about scraping into my classes and should be able to get more of a workout again – yay! I need it – this hasn’t been a healthy couple of months for me! Driving to the gym, I always see the traffic on the other side rammed bumper to bumper – I really don’t miss sitting in those jams on the M60!
  • I was able to work from home one day (due to a rescheduled engineer visit). However, let’s just say I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I much prefer working in the office.

Three months in and my job title has changed, standardised in line across the businesses meaning that I now have ‘Manager’ in my title. Although this doesn’t mean anything to me or change my role, I guess it looks good on my CV and my Mum will be pleased, haha!

Ooh, a bit of blue sky!

And that’s it, just a quick update. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up on my blog reading over the weekend.

Have a great Bank Holiday all!

19 thoughts on “Three Months

  1. Hi Weenie,

    Woohoo – congratulations! Although I am sure there was never any doubt, it is always nice to get that official confirmation! Good to see that things are settling down and becomine more of a routine now – and I am with you being able to read on the way in to the office is great!
    Given the choice I enjoy working from home simply because it means I dont have the commute and get better coffee – but to be honest it is neither here nor there, I still get lots of interuptions and calls!

    Glad to hear your mum will be proud of the new title 😉 Seriously though, having manager on it will definitely help on the CV, should you ever wish to move of course!

    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

    • Thanks FiL.

      Perhaps I’m just not used to working from home so couldn’t appreciate it. I’m sure I’ll have to give it another go at some point so maybe I’ll be more prepared for it!

      Hope you had a good good bank holiday weekend!

      • Well I think it depends on a couple of things:
        1. How often you go to what office – if you are in the same office with the same people every day that is one thing – I think my record is 4 different offices in 4 days in 1 week…
        2. how long your commute is.
        3. How good or bad the coffee is in the office 🙂
        I like it as a little treat on a friday – ok I still work about 7am to 5pm, but means if I switch off at 5pm I am already home which is nice 🙂
        Cheers – its been busy! Hope yours was good as well!

  2. Well done Weenie, I knew you’d do it.

    However, I think you had it easy [WARNING – sob story coming up].

    The last time I had to do a probation period was 1998 and I had to work three months with zero pay! So I had to work as a night shift security guard Friday and Saturday night to keep some cash flowing into the house. For three months I went to work Monday to Friday morning, 9 to 5, then on Friday evening I got home from the office, changed (like superman) into a security guard’s uniform and went to work from 7pm to 7am in a Sainsbury’s somewhere in south London! Lovely. At least I got the job I was after, which then lasted another 14 years, and I’ve never worked as a security guard since (I was rubbish at it anyway).

    • Thanks John and well done on doing that 3 months on no pay! That is a great story to tell, showing great dedication and determination and leading to you getting that job for 14 years (14 years in the company pension too I hope!). Haha, love the image of you changing into your security guard uniform Superman-style, although I’m sure it was less glamorous and heroic-like!

  3. Congrats Weenie!

    I’m also an early starter and public transport user. Although I don’t spend a huge amount of time on the bus, it does give me a chance to flick through a free copy of Metro or have an extra 10 minutes shut eye.

    I hope the job continues to go well 🙂

    • Thanks HTSC.
      I wouldn’t ever attempt an extra 10 minutes shut eye on the tram, I’d be too scared of completely nodding off and missing my stop!

  4. I like the way your boss blazoned ‘Probation Successful’ across the top of his email. Rather unambiguous, that.

    • Haha, that would be the ever tactful HR, just being clear that their message was good news as opposed to being the other variety of news!

  5. At the job I’m currently in, I went to them and said “3 months! Guess you are going to have to keep me now…” The reply? “Oh, we don’t have probation.” They just choose not to tell people about it, so I had self-imposed my own stress!

    This is the first job I’ve worked at that doesn’t have probation, and honestly, it’s a mess. People may present beautifully at interview, but until they are in the day-to-day, you just can’t tell. Unfortunately at our place, it’s near impossible to move on unsuitable new hires.

    Congratulations, Manager!

    • Thanks Mrs ETT.

      I wonder if without your self-imposed stress you would have worked any differently?

      I can see how without probation, things can be messy especially as you say it’s difficult to move on unsuitable new hires and interviews are so unnatural, you can never tell if a candidate is really suitable or not.

      During my 3 months, two people in the business (other departments) didn’t make it past theirs. One realised that the job wasn’t for him and didn’t return after a few weeks; the other had their probation period extended and she opted to leave instead of working through the extra period. I guess it works both ways.

  6. Hey Weenie,

    Congratulations on completing your probation period successfully. I can imagine that feels like a weight off the mind.

    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, looks to be a good one weather wise (well in the Midlands at least!)


    • Thanks OR and yes, it’s a big weight off my mind.

      I’ve been struck with a bad cold so sadly not been enjoying the nice weather, although I’ve been enjoying the long weekend. Hope you’ve had a good one!

  7. Hey Weenie,

    Congratulations on passing probation! I’m still a little over a month out from the end of a 12 month probation, though where I work you should definitely know about it well before they decide you’re not going to pass, so maybe not the same level of stress as for you.

    Glad to hear all’s well. Enjoy the bank holiday!


    • Thanks FS

      I think I’d probably not feel so stressed over a 12 month probation – there’s more time to prove your worth and to bed in, whereas I felt like I was being a little squeezed over 3 months. All the best with yours and hope you had a good bank holiday weekend!

  8. Congratulations Weenie. Never in doubt!

    It must be a relief knowing you can just crack on with your work without having that hanging over you. Onwards and upwards.

    At least you didn’t have a probation period like John’s. That sounds bloody horrendous!

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