Quick Update and O.O.O

Just a brief update to get this out of the way as I’ll be busy with work and getting ready (shopping and packing) for my holiday later in the week:

  • This month, I celebrated my birthday – another year older, maybe a little wiser? I’ve been trying to shift a couple of pounds but my birthday celebrations lasted all week so instead of losing, I’ve probably piled more on! All this eating out (and drinking) has meant it’s not been a cheap month either.
  • My kitchen is still not complete – the fridge freezer was due to be delivered this weekend but was damaged in transit. I’ll have to sort things out after my hols and hope that it’s there before my family are over!
  • At work, the initial part of the ‘re-organisation’ I mentioned has happened – my colleague is now my new BOSS!  It’s not a real surprise, I was wondering when it would happen, just didn’t think it would happen so soon.  Our working relationship will inevitably change but hopefully not by too much, although I had gotten used to a remote boss (previously in our London office) and now I’ll have one sat right next to me!  I’m a little concerned that she doesn’t have a lot of management experience  so we’ll see how it goes. Still, we’ve worked well together so far, I already have a lot of respect for her professionalism, industry experience and knowledge, and this is despite me being twenty years her senior…I know!!! I might have to cut back on my avocado toast jokes from now on though!
  • The second part of the company re-organisation/restructuring is yet to be announced and it might not be pretty. As ever, I’ll worry about it when I know what it is and how it’ll affect me.

Out Of Office

So I’m off to the far east on my usual jollies, which means my June savings update will be a week or so late. I don’t have any scheduled posts and am unlikely to be reading any blogs while I’m away so I’ll be doing a big catch up on reading and commenting upon my return.

I do miss blogging (and reading blogs) when I’m away but at the same time, I enjoy the break. I do always take a notebook with me (so old school still!) to jot down ideas and notes for future blog posts. I’ll certainly be making a note of my experience using my new Starling* card when I stop in Dubai for my connecting flight.

It’ll also be good to take a break from matched betting although I’m a little gutted that I will be missing all those World Cup offers – I’ve tried to make the most of them this past week or so.

My family are football fans too so I’ll be enjoying watching some matches (when they’re timezone friendly) – Hong Kong’s still got a huge British ex-pat community so looking forward to cheering on England down the pub! Been loving the World Cup so far, with the big teams not starting as well as expected – exciting stuff!

Anyway, catch up in a few weeks’ time!

[*Referral link – there’s no money involved but I get some hearts lit up on my app!]

28 thoughts on “Quick Update and O.O.O

  1. Have a fab holiday far east is still on my bucket list, (i did Singapore and borneo a couple of years ago but want to do Hong Kong and Thailand sometime

  2. Hey Weenie – happy birthday, another year wiser. Glad you had a good time celebrating and enjoyed a drink or two.

    Fingers crossed on the kitchen, hope they fridge/freezer comes soon – do we get pics when it’s completed?

    And that’s not the worst news on the reshuffle I don’t think? A nice new keen clean slate of a manager, who is ready to be shaped just the way you like your managers. What’s not to like?

    Have a fabulous holiday and enjoy your well-earned break.

    • Cheers Ms ZiYou.

      I might consider posting up a photo of my elusive fridgefreezer once it’s all sorted!

      No, I don’t think it’s the worse news on the reshuffle. I do drop snippets of what my ex-managers used to do (the good stuff) so hopefully, she’s taking notes haha!

  3. Happy birthday from another birthday girl! Although mine was a couple of weeks ago. Really impressed you don’t blur the lines with family holiday and blogging, I didn’t quite manage that when we were in the Lake District although kept it discreet so hubby wouldn’t complain.

    Have a fabulous holiday, look forward to hearing about it on your return.

    • Happy birthday to you too, Tuppenny!

      As I’ve been blogging for a few years, perhaps it’s easier for me to just go ‘cold turkey’, whereas you’re still a pretty new blogger so understandably, you’re still wanting to read everything and keep on top of it all.

      Not reading any blogs means I have something to look forward to when I get back!

  4. Happy birthday!

    I’ve been somewhere on the other end of the management table as a young’un trying to manage considerably more experienced colleagues. If it makes you feel any better, I’m sure any apprehensions you have are utterly dwarfed by hers!

    • Thanks The Captain.

      I hadn’t thought of that at all, ie about her apprehension as she seems to have taken it all in her stride. I shall definitely keep this in mind, thanks.

      Just popped over to your website – love your ‘About Me’ haha! I shall have a catch up read when I get back!

  5. A couple of funny (sort of) coincidences.

    I’m a June birthday as well and celebrated last week, in a very similar fashion by the sounds of it! Feeling very worse for wear this week.

    Also we took delivery of a dishwasher last week which was also smashed in transit! Curry’s sorted out a new one very quickly to be fair to them.

    Bit annoying about missing out on some matched betting but there is always something or other on for when you get back eh. I missed the Bet365 £50 offer on the England game just by being dozy and not checking if there was one. Doh!

    Happy belated birthday weenie and look forward to reading about your holiday when you get back!

    • Many happy returns TFS! Birthday and kitchen white good mishap – snap! 🙂

      Ah shame you missed out on that Bet365 offer but I’ve been gubbed so haven’t had those offers in a while. You’re right though, there will be other offers when I get back and soon, the domestic season will start again. I should have stopped the EW betting before Ascot as the last couple of days have just eaten up my profits!

  6. Happy birthday Weenie and have a lovely holiday.

    A break from everything will do you the world of good. I thought I was going to miss the matched betting when I went last, and I did miss the money but it was like I had permission to truly take a break without feeling guilty.

    • Thanks FT9T5.

      Can’t wait for the break as it’s been mad at work, although it’ll be mad when I get back but I’ll deal with that when the time comes!

      Yes, I don’t think I’ll miss the actual matched betting but I’ll certainly miss the extra cash!

  7. Hope you have a great holiday in this part of the world! I’ve not managed to watch any World Cup games so far – they’re on a bit too late for me. But if England somehow manage to get themselves into the quarter finals or further, I might sacrifice some sleep for them 🙂

  8. Hi Weenie,
    A belated happy birthday from me! Enjoy the break, and put your feet up and make the most of the rest!
    Fingers crossed for the rest of the re-org!

  9. Happy birthday weenie. I really hope you enjoy your trip abroad to see your family. I can’t believe how hot it still is in the UK…feels like I’m on holiday at times but certainly not when I am cooped up in the office at work.

    How has the atmosphere and response been from fans supporting England? Is there people saying “It’s coming home!” Hehe..


    • Hi Chris, support for England was great – so much so that it was a struggle for people to even find ‘fake’ England shirts out there! Sadly, it didn’t come home but what a run!

  10. Hi Weenie,

    Happy belated birthday! Reading through these comments I’m amazed how many summer birthdays there are…I’m a July baby so also fall in that club.

    Hope you had a fab trip…I’m just catching up on my blog reading so no doubt I’ll find out how you got on soon!


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