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The pandemic and resulting lockdown, combined with falling or non-existent savings interest rates has turned thousands of people into armchair investors, dipping their toes into the stock markets for the first time and potentially risking their money due to their lack of experience and knowledge.

With Winter Rock Associates, you will benefit from years of expertise, knowledge and time spent by the fund manager, researching and picking the best opportunities to produce the best performance for your money (capital at risk etc).

Investing in our fund means your money is spread across multiple assets. As some investments will perform better and some worse over time, diversifying will, fingers crossed, help spread the risk and smooth returns over time.

Our management fees are very competitive, which you will find in the small print hidden in our website but you will be benefitting from significant returns on your investment so it will be money well spent in the long term.


Here are some of the assets the Winter Rock Associates Fund has invested in:

The fund is showing an overall return of 10.9% (since March 2020) so would be a great addition to those saving for the future.

Note that the fund is only open exclusively to new investors for a short period of time so don’t delay – contact me now for more details! Don’t miss out on profits!


I’m joking of course, so please don’t contact me! 🙂

It seems anyone can create a fund these days – thanks to Average Money Man for pointing me to Hedge Fund Name Generator and I had some fun designing the logo at Free Logo Design.

What is real, however, are the assets/companies I mention above – I do have these actual investments in a portfolio.

I didn’t use any expertise, knowledge or time to select those companies I’m invested in – my criteria was that they were a well known brand/I’d heard of them before or I used their products/services.

Using Freetrade*, I bought £10 fractional shares in each of those companies (plus others) and when they make a decent profit (eg 50%+), I sell.

Of course, I don’t recommend this ‘strategy’ to anyone – I’m just saying this is the strategy I’ve followed and I’ve had a bit of success recently (with a large dose of luck!).

This is my ‘fun portfolio‘, which allows me to do daft things like pretend I’m a hotshot trader, buying and selling with impunity, and giving in to FOMO! I even follow some ‘experts’ on YouTube for latest buys and sells!

The main thing is that I leave my core investments (my ETFs and investment trusts) ticking along (untampered with) in a sensible but boring way, as long term investments should.

Yes, it was very exciting last month when I sold my £10 piece in Tesla for £20! But that’s as much excitement or risk I would like or need investment-wise.

Anyway, if anyone fancies getting us both a free share worth up to £200, sign up via my link – good luck and perhaps you too can enjoy creating your own Winter Rock Associates Fund! 😉


[*referral link]

16 thoughts on “Invest in this Fund!

  1. Haha I love this. I was thinking I’ve either time travelled to 1st April or someone had hacked your blog!

    I’ve yet to get involved with freetrade. I was thinking of buying easy jet when it was really low but they didn’t have it available on there which I thought was a bit rubbish!

    I did however invest in freetrade in their crowdcube campaign so I hope the armchair investor trend keeps going strong!

    Cheers for the fun post 🙂

    • Glad you liked it, TFS!

      Easyjet is a funny one, there are some regulations as to why it’s not included in the Freetrade stock universe, among some others.

  2. That’s brilliant TFS, I was thinking the same about the site being hacked haha, glad it wasn’t just me. I do like the idea of a fun portfolio… I will certainly consider such a thing in the future. Best of luck with this weenie :D.


  3. You’ve done well with that logo. Some agencies I’ve worked with would charge £10k for that!!!

    That’s not a bad concentrated little tech fund though, I think Winter Fund Associates has a future!

  4. Hahaha, I was for a second wondering if that was some sort of the investment trust you meant earlier?

    I am going to tell you a secret, between me and you (I also watch YouTube videos from ‘experts’ occasionally).

    • Haha, I would never make such recommendations!

      The YouTube videos I find are mostly enjoyable for entertainment purposes.

    • Exactly – would your money be any more at risk with them, than with me? I freely admit that I don’t know what I’m doing haha!

    • Hi Simon
      Currently, they make money via FX charges (spot rate +0.45%) and their ISA (£3 a month). They have an imminent premium account offering at £9.99 a month and will be offering a SIPP too at some point, cost TBA. More info here if you’re interested:

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