April 2024 Savings, plus other updates

Update is later than usual and I blame the sunny evenings and weekends, which had me spending more time outside, less indoors on my laptop (wi-fi isn’t great in the garden!).

April started off well with an evening out at the darts to witness teenage sensation, Luke Littler trounce seasoned pros – so cool and calm for such a young lad! This was my first time watching darts live – we knew what to expect, it was rowdy, noisy (a lot of singing which we took part in), the beer was expensive and the testosterone in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, but it was a fun evening!

Packed on a school night

However, the month didn’t end so great as I had various major repair works done on my car, which came to a total cost of £1,718.93.

Ouch! I was expecting a bill of at least £1k and my heart sank when they gave me the full quote but hurrah, my emergency funds came to the rescue! I need to focus more on topping it up to replace that big chunk removed.

Anyway, how did my numbers look for April?

I saved 15.8% of my net salary. The above includes £46.52 from doing Prolific surveys and £12 Grand National bet winnings.

Shares and Investment Trusts

No new investments, I just topped up existing ones.

Current share/IT portfolio can be found here.

(Entire portfolio here)

Future Fund 

No rocket in April as the markets appeared to stabilise. My Future Fund remained flat at £262,558.40 at the end of the month.

Dividends and Other Income

An average month for dividend income:

I received £489.78, of which £281.35 was from my ISAs, the rest from my SIPPs. All dividends were reinvested.

Here’s what my ISA dividend income graph looks like:

Goals Update

How go the goals?

The emergency funds goal is pretty much impossible now but I will keep at it.

Not doing great on the reading front; I have been reading but the book I’m currently on is over 1k pages and I’m just slogging my way through it, albeit in an enjoyable fashion!

Options, Options

[Firstly, this is not any sort of recommendation or suggestion for anyone to try – DYOR!]

I’m now 6 months into Year 2 of my Options trading, so time for a little update.

My options trading platform (IG) clearly warns that 68% of their retail investor accounts lose money trading on their platform, although the general consensus is that it’s closer to 95% of all options traders who lose all their money.  So, am I just a member of that homogenous losing flock?

My stats since November 2022

Nope, I’m still winning! 🙂 Since the beginning of November, I’m up 12.6%.

It’s been a bit of a grind to make any profits, but I’ve been patient. I think I’ve mentioned that there’s nothing exciting about the trading I am doing!

This could almost be a graph for passive investing!

While there’s potential for this to scale up to make meaningful profits, it’s not something I’m considering just yet – I still see trading options as a social hobby (combined with the online Beginners Options meetings I attend monthly) and I’m very much still a beginner. It would be great to make more profit but more profit = more capital = more risk.

I am however continuing to make steps towards my options trading goal, which is to double my money – I started with £1,000, topped up an extra £150 (as I feared a margin call) and my balance is showing at £1,883. I expect to have hit my goal by my next update in 6 months’ time, but we shall see!

And that’s all for now – May’s update will come round very soon and I will try to not be too late with it!

Hope you all had a great April!

3 thoughts on “April 2024 Savings, plus other updates

  1. And tonight is the 02 Finals Darts night which I hope you’re tuning in to! I should be going to, but I thought “Nah… it won’t be as good as Alli Pally” and didn’t buy tickets. Doh. Will do for next year.

    Likewise with reading, I started off really well, about 7 books in 2 months, then work got very stressful (change of Boss) and I’ve stopped reading completely and don’t feel I can concentrate. I hope we can get back into reading as it’s therapeutic.

    Good to see you rolling along with the investments, and I did note you’ve got a target of 2-3 years to FIRE in your last post. I’m around the same mark, but struggling badly with work, stress and corporate nonsense now, so you’re keeping me (and many others) focussed.

    • Hey Starla

      The darts is just surprisingly exciting lol!

      And yes, if you get the opportunity, just get the tickets – I would love to go to Alli Pally but I bet those tickets wouldn’t be easy to get hold of!

      Sorry to hear work’s stressful with the change of boss and hope things get better for you soon. Not sure about my own reasons for not being able to concentrate but this week, been making a point of not turning tv on and picking up my book instead.

      Yes, 2-3 years to FIRE – let’s see how that goes! Hear what you’re saying about work and corporate nonsense; I’m a patient person but my patience is starting to wear thin!

  2. Thanks for the update weenie. Ouch on that car bill! I had a similar large car bill last year but not as bad as that. I am getting a new car soon as it is finally time for this one to retire hehe.


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